Piritas de Navajún


There are several bibliography references in ancient literature about pyrite from La Rioja and Soria (Calderon, 1910), although no written references to the Navajún locality. Valdeperillo, Ambasaguas, Valdenegrillo, and many sites had been described as popular pyrite outcrops, often with their own morphological shape.
Mountain range of Alcarama
Badlands next to Navajún
In 1965, Pedro Ansorena Garret requested an exploration license. Following research permission was granted, and in 1970 a mining exploitation concession was granted, derived from the research permission. Since then, the mine is being regularly exploited till today.
City of Navajún
Sight of the mine
Works of advance
Lode of the first level


The mine and the city of Navajún


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