Piritas de Navajún


Pyrite crystals are disseminated in layers of marl rock belonging to the Cretaceous (Weald), with a long lateral continuity which has promoted the abundance of outcrops. In Navajún and within the "Ampliación a Victoria”, there are three well known layers with pyrite, called from lower to higher, first, second and third layers. The thickness is variable, with an average of 2.5 meters. The mean formation inclination is 15º and there are strong spatial variations in terms of thickness, morphology and oxidation condition of pyrites. The most important mining works have been made on the first level.

Appearance of the first level
Specimens of this level are the most spectacular so far have been obtained from this mine. At the second level, we have worked in gallery following a layer. The third level, which is the highest elevation, remains in reserve.
Facade of the second level
Current appearance of the third level
Major debris
  Work of the new face of exploitation


Detail of the strata of the first level


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